A few years ago, in a very far away place, traveler Mar Aldeguer fell in love with quartz, mother of pearl and coral for their extraordinary beauty, energy and history. And since when you love something, you want everyone to know it, Mar wanted to design fine handcrafted jewelry, with natural stones, that was accessible to everyone. But no one had done this before.

Popular culture and many jewelers called these stones "semi-precious" and Mar always came to their defense, arguing that there was nothing "semi" about them, since for her they were always precious. They were times of uncertainty where the big brands opted for small jewelry, with hardly any stones, that timidly adorned women; but Mar had created COOLOOK and designed jewelry with a wide variety of stones in all their sizes, where apatites, calcites, fluorites, opals... showed off their maximum splendor and energy, elevating the look of each woman's style.

Little by little, COOLOOK jewelry fell in love with the entire world for its charm and versatility, occupying a place of honor within the jewelry boxes of the most influential personalities. And that's how this love story with stones found a mine, and no one will be able to imagine COOLOOK without them.


    The name "agate" comes from the Achates River, currently the Dirillo River, south of Sicily, in Italy, where the first of these stones is said to have been found. In India and Arabia it is said to protect the eyes. It is the stone of Gemini and brings courage, stability and love.
  • Aguamarina - COOLOOK


    In ancient times, sailors carried aquamarines as a talisman against seasickness and storms. They help people heal from emotional trauma by cooling conflicts and lowering spirits, relieving stress. It is the stone of Pisces, although we all need it.
  • Amatista - COOLOOK


    "Amethyst" comes from the Greek amethystos (not drunk), since this gem was considered a powerful antidote to drunkenness, which is why in Ancient Greece, they began to make wine glasses carved from amethyst. It is the stone of Aries, but we all like a good wine.
  • Amatista Verde - COOLOOK


    Green amethyst is one of the most valued and usually accompanies diamonds in jewelry. It has calming properties and is a source of peace. While any zodiac sign can use green amethyst successfully, there seems to be a greater bond between Scorpio and Capricorn.
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  • Amazonita - COOLOOK


    Scientists believed that the name of this stone is due to the Amazon River, but it was actually Alexander Von Humboldt, who reported the inhabitants of a tribe that was located near the Negro River dressed with Amazonite amulets. Guarantees better sleep. Ideal for Virgo and Pisces.
  • Angelita - COOLOOK


    In 1804, the mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner chose its Greek name "anhudros", because angelite is a stone that lacks water and that is why it has such a special shine similar to the soul of a guardian angel, which provides all its calm and protection. Ideal for mothers and children.
  • Apatita - COOLOOK


    The name apatite derives from the Greek "apate" (to make a mistake) since it can be easily confused with other minerals such as beryl or tourmaline, or if you look closely, with the blue of the sea. That is why it is such a relaxing stone for all signs of the zodiac.
  • Aventurina - COOLOOK


    The name aventurine comes from the Italian "ventura", which means chance. Venturines were once extracted from the shores of the White Sea, supplying them to Siberia, Bohemia and France. It is considered a stone of well-being and prosperity. It contains fuchsite, hence its emerald green.
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  • Calcita Melocotón - COOLOOK


    Calcite is one of the minerals that, due to its beauty, has also been used in sculptures and in optics due to its power of birefringence. It reminds us of the sun and brings joy and good mood. It is also called the stone of summer, so it is ideal for any sign that needs vitality.
  • Coral - COOLOOK


    Recognized as a species of petrified animal by Jean André de Peysonnel in 1744. In China, coral was a symbol of wealth and social status. 100% natural, the extraction of coral from our jewelry is permitted and regulated by the protection of the marine environment.
  • Cuarzo Azul - COOLOOK


    Symbol of tranquility, calm and concentration. Some legends say that quartz was actually a living organism that breathed once a century. In aboriginal tribes it was the ideal stone for shamans because it increased their ability to see. Perfect for Gemini and Virgo.
  • Cuarzo Citrino - COOLOOK


    Difficult to find except in a few sites in South America and some places in Europe, such as Spain and Scotland. It represents solar force and in the Middle Ages it was used as protection against the plague. It calms hypochondriacs and also stimulates creativity.
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  • Cuarzo Fumé - COOLOOK


    It is the typical stone of Scotland. In the past it was thought that this mineral trapped smoke inside. Many crystal balls were made with fumé quartz for fortune tellers and it is said to awaken eroticism. Helps eliminate negative energies and prevents cramps. Perfect for Scorpio.
  • Cuarzo Incoloro - COOLOOK


    The name quartz comes from the word "Kristallos" which means ice. This was because the ancient Greeks thought that quartz was water frozen so intensely that it could no longer be thawed. It is a symbol of strength, purity, nobility and innocence and perfect for meditating.
  • Cuarzo Rosa - COOLOOK


    In India this mineral is a loving manifestation of God and also represents the Mother goddess. It symbolizes unconditional love and helps improve self-esteem. Due to its color and delicacy, in the last century it was given the name Ruby of Transylvania. It is the perfect stone for Taurus.
  • Cuarzo Rutilado - COOLOOK


    Also called "hair of Venus", it contains rutile needles of golden, red or black color. In Greece, rutile is the stone of the god Ares, which represents vivacity, power and strength. It is one of the most sought after stones for collectors and used in art pieces.
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  • Fluorita - COOLOOK


    In 1852, George Gabriel Stokes discovered that fluorite illuminated with ultraviolet light, describing the phenomenon as fluorescence. In China they used this stone as an amulet to attract good luck. It can be found in other color varieties such as light green.
  • Labradorita - COOLOOK


    Originally from the Labrador region, in Canada. The Inuit believed it was a stone of fire that united the lights of the northern and southern hemispheres of the Earth. The northern lights are believed to have emerged after an Inuit warrior threw a labradorite with his spear. It is the stone of Leo.
  • Lapislázuli - COOLOOK


    Also called "blue gold", its color makes it one of the most valued stones in the world. In ancient Egypt it was considered a symbol of health, luck and nobility and in the Renaissance its pigment was used by great artists such as Da Vinci or Miguel Angel in the Sistine Chapel.
  • Madreperla - COOLOOK


    Mother of pearl is an organic stone that forms at the bottom of the sea inside shells at great depths. COOLOOK adds a facet of colorless quartz that intensifies its white, golden, pink or black light, depending on the part of the shell chosen. Attracts love and harmony in the couple.
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  • Ojo de Tigre - COOLOOK


    It represents the union between the energy of the Sun and that of the Earth. In the Middle Ages, it was worn to ward off spells and scare away evil spirits. Nowadays, it scares away toxic people and haters. Essential for all zodiac signs and perfect to give as a birthday gift.
  • Ónix - COOLOOK


    The largest producer of onyx is Mexico, with black being the most valued. For the ancient Romans it was a symbol of bravery and English midwives of the 15th century placed onyx stones between the breasts of the woman who was giving birth because, supposedly, it made labor easier.
  • Ópalo Rosa - COOLOOK


    From the Sanskrit "Upala" which means precious stone. Shakespeare named it "the queen of gems" and according to Greek legends of mythology, the pink opal stone comes from the lucky tears of Zeus, which follow his victory over the titans. It is the stone of Libra.
  • Piedra Luna - COOLOOK


    Moonstone is believed to help us cope with jealousy and the inherent fluctuations of life. In the Middle East, a moonstone gem was sewn into the clothes of women who wanted to become pregnant. Perfect for Cancer because of its sensitivity and because its ruling star is the moon.
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  • Prehnita - COOLOOK


    Discovered in 1774 at the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, by the Dutchman Hendrik Van Prehn, which is why it bears his surname. In China, Prehnite is known as "Grape Cluster Jade", due to the shape in which this precious stone is found. Its green color is unique and a symbol of prosperity.