My Baby Just Cares for Me

The love you have for a piece of jewelry is due to the experiences and magical moments you have had with it.
It could have been that day you bought that bracelet that you deserved so much, or those earrings that your partner told you about.

that could look good on you and you no longer take them off, that medal that you took to engrave with your mother and that every time you get on a plane you instinctively touch it, or maybe it's that ring that your friends surprised you with on your birthday and one day you forgot in the sink
from that picturesque restaurant and you wanted to die until you got it back.


  • Avoid contact of the jewel with fresh or salt water, sun exposure or cosmetic or household products that can damage the gold plating or the color of the stones.

  • To clean the jewelry, use a chamois or cloth and rub it gently.
    If necessary, you can use warm water and PH neutral soap and dry them with a cotton cloth.

  • Over time,
    Check that the earring closures and nuts are in good condition.

  • It is preferable to store the jewelry individually in its original cases for proper conservation.
    If a jewelry box is used, make sure the pieces are in separate compartments.

  • Prevent the chains from being closed and flat so that knots do not form.

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