Luxury is artisanal

That contemporary craftsmanship is the new luxury is a reality.
The values ​​that a piece of jewelry is made by hand adds not only exclusivity, but also the authenticity and sustainability that those made in series cannot provide.
At COOLOOK we add our creativity, the talent of our workshop officers and long months of work, to give soul and identity to artisanal jewelry with a fascinating story to tell.

  • 01. Creativity. When we imagine a piece of jewelry we also imagine the moments it will bring, although this does not appear on paper.
  • 02. The charm of the workshop. Showing our artisans a design so they can make a mold and from there a wax tree is always magical.
  • 03. Pure silver. sacred. And the soul of our jewelry. The wax tree is filled with silver that is certified by the Geo-Mining Institute of Spain.
  • 04. Unique. Each artisan gives the final touch to each piece that, although almost identical to the rest of its family, is unique.
  • 05. Sense and sensitivity. Since no two are alike, choosing and fitting the perfect stone is something that only a craftsman can master.
  • 06. Choose me. After the 3 micron gold plating and the setting of each stone, the adventure of each jewel begins to find you.

Conscious Packaging

In 2022 we will launch new packaging made with recycled paper and materials and with an awareness message for its reuse.
Also, if you kiss the printed frog, your soul mate may* appear in your life.

*At the moment no one has told us what happened to him